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Miracle Noodle® Organic Spaghetti

Miracle Noodle® Fettuccine

Low calories. No net carbs. No guilt. No bloating. No energy crash. No pasta belly!

With Miracle Noodle® Fettuccini, you don’t have to worry about the bloating and food coma. You can have seconds or even thirds. Just add a low-sugar sauce, your preferred protein, and some fresh low-starch vegetables to Spaghetti for a healthy meal.

Miracle Noodle® Fettuccine has soluble fibre which helps you feel full. It’s almost like a magic trick: Low-calorie and enough fibre to help you feel full, yet not heavy.


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An added bonus: Miracle Noodle® Fettuccine is even easier to cook than regular high-calorie pasta.

Cut open the bag and drain any residual water. The noodles are ready to be served!

Since the noodles are pre-rinsed and -cooked, they are odourless. It’s so convenient to take to the office or add to a salad, sauce or soup! No more preparation required.



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